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Statement Jewellery - Affordable Statement Necklaces

Adored by women all around the globe, statement jewellery eludes a sense of timeless elegance. Every piece of statement jewellery that you will wear is a way of portraying yourself without verbalizing it.

We, at Jewelpoche, believe that your outfit is incomplete without bold statement jewellery. So we have selected some of our best statement jewellery pieces to achieve your ideal look everyday.

Beautiful Silver Ampersand Music Pendant Necklace

statement jewellery - jewelpoche

Perfect for day as well as night wear, this expressive necklace offers a subtle nod to your love for music.

Adorned with American Diamonds, this necklace is good for business wear, formal wear with oval necklines or for casual clothing.

Vintage Antique Dream Catcher Silver Pendant Necklace

statement jewellery - jewelpoche

Catch your every dream with this definitive design available with us. This necklace reflects true origins of traditional Native American Indian protective charm.

It’s delicately crafted silver hoop is designed to filter out the bad dreams and let only good dreams pass through. This necklace will be a perfect addition to any outfit.

Titanic Heart of Ocean American Diamond Necklace

statement jewellery - jewelpoche

This Edwardian styled necklace has captured and enthralled our hearts since it’s appearance in the movie titanic. Featuring a big blue diamond and surrounded by small white ones, this is the most popular necklace in cinema history.

This piece of statement jewellery will stand out in terms of colour and volume. You can wear this necklace with black or white coloured dress.

Classic Pearl Silver Chain Necklace

statement jewellery - jewelpoche

Refined and elegant, this necklace is perfect for formal as well as informal wear. You can match this pearl necklace with bright as well as neutral colours.

This unique piece of statement jewellery will complement your entire look. It’s one necklace you can never go wrong with.

Vintage Tree of Life Pendant Necklace 

statement jewellery - jewelpoche

Embellished with silver, this piece of statement jewellery is elegant and wearable with a sense of luxury and quality that makes it special.

Whether you are going to a party, club or to a fancy restaurant, this necklace will draw attention without being overpowering and heavy.



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